Monday, April 2, 2012

Patriots/ Loyalists Headbandz

"Am I a patriot or a loyalist?"   

"Am I a writer?"   

"Am I an inventor?"   

These are some of the questions I heard as we played "Headbandz" colonial-style.  (Let's be honest...along with some like "Am I bald?")  What a great activity to review the major people of the revolution in an out-of-your-seat way! 

And how did I get this idea?  I stole it of course!  I am so fortunate to work on a team of teachers that share, share, share all of our great ideas and hard work.  I have a feeling this level of teamwork doesn't always exist among co-workers.  This job is hard enough, its so important to use the strengths of your team.  Four brains are better than one, that's for sure!  And why not?  Selfishness on the teacher's part only harms the students. 


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