Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reading Workshop

We use the Reading Workshop model at our school, guided by Lucy Calkins. This consists of:
-a quick 10 minute teacher minilesson
-independent reading time (teacher conferring with individuals and small groups)
-share time (5min)

Students have made it through fiction, nonfiction, and historical fiction units. A big part of reading workshop is creating anchor charts of our learning to be posted on the wall for future reference. When a chart no longer helps with what we are covering, we bring it down. It may go back up if it again becomes relevant. Some stay up year-round after they are created.

It is important that these anchor charts are created WITH students and not FOR students. I do not complete the entire chart ahead of time and then just show the students. If I did, they would have no connection with it, no reason to ever glance at it again. But when I add one thing at a time with the kids...using their thoughts and questions to guide the chart...then they have ownership and are more likely to reference it again once it is on the wall.

Here are my current anchor charts:

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