Monday, March 12, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

Welcome to Colonial Williamsburg!  Today we simulated life in Williamsburg, Virginia during the colonial times.  Students rotated through stations where they experienced life as a citizen who went to work, school, church, and more!  History came alive today.  It was crazy, but also lots of fun!

The first station was the school.  Girls attended the Dame School where they learned how to sew.

Boys attended the College of William and Mary where they learned to write with ink and a quill (toothpick).

Students then moved to the Church where they drew role cards and had to find their assigned seat based on their status in society.  They also had to create church bulletin postings based on their role card.  

The next station was The Governor's Palace.  Students took turns being Governor and had to decide whether or not to pass bills that came across their desk.  One example scenario was: Black men and women are not allowed to vote.  

Next stop: Shoemaker's shop.  Students went to work as shoemakers, tracing each others' feet to create custom-fit shoes.  (Lots of stinky feet comments coming from this corner of the room)!

Citizens of Colonial Williamsburg also visited the town Tavern, where they ordered a meal and played a game with their friend to relax.  

The last station was the Slave's Quarters.  Students learned a slave song and dance, and how these were often used to send secret messages to each other.  

Our time in Colonial Williamsburg was brief, but well spent.  Students were able to take a mock field trip back in time to learn though hands-on activities.  We'll do another field trip like this soon when we get to the Civil War.  My prediction for next time: army crawls, campfires, and bandaging wounds!  So long for now, from Colonial Williamsburg! 

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  1. Hi Sarah - I just found your blog...that is so cool what you did. We do a walk through the revolution and have a colonial day tea - so much fun. I actually teach first but my daughter just did this all last year as a 5th grader at my school. I'm your newest follower. :o)
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